Defeating Trump

Dangerous, divisive and wrong for working families.

Working people must come together to elect a president who will raise wages and advocate for the issues that help working families build better lives. Donald Trump is not that candidate.

Donald Trump is running a campaign fueled by oppressive and hateful rhetoric. He has offered anti-American "solutions" to banish citizens based purely on religious beliefs. He has derided women, immigrants and veterans, and made juvenile remarks about people with disabilities.

All people should be treated with dignity and respect and our president should share these most basic values. Donald Trump does not share the values of working families. In fact, Trump is one of the most anti-worker presidential candidates in American history. In fact, Trump:

Donald Trump as president would make the lives of working people measurably worse for those of us who count on a paycheck to support our family. By working together, we can beat back the threat of Donald Trump and all that he represents, and fight for good jobs, better wages, stronger unions and shared prosperity for all.

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