Keeping Clients Safe

Platforms and Payment Processing

When you work with clients, do you use a platform and payment processing? If not, it’s time to start. Platforms help keep your client safe by providing an easy way for them to pay their invoices. Payment processors provide another layer of protection for both the business owner and the client. BlueSnap experts will discuss how platforms and payment processing can keep your clients safe!

The first thing to do is to make sure that the platform you are using has a payment processing option. If not, it’s time to switch! Many platforms have their own built-in payment processors which provide an additional layer of security for your clients and you. For example, if someone were able to hack into one of your client accounts they would only be able to access their invoices because all other information on the account is protected by encryption technology.


Additionally, many platforms will offer two factor authentication (which requires something in addition to just a password) as well as automated backups so even if your computer crashes or gets stolen at least your data won’t be lost forever! Once you’ve selected a trusted platform with great features like these, it’s time to find a payment processor.

Payment processors are another fantastic way to ensure that your client’s information stays safe and secure. For example, PayPal includes two layers of encryption on every transaction as well as the ability for users to log in using an application specific password (which is different than their regular password). This makes it much more difficult for hackers or thieves to access their account information because they would need both pieces of information which means if one layer didn’t work they wouldn’t have success with the next!