Red Flags When Choosing a Moving Company

What to Look for When Choosing a Moving Company

When it comes to hiring a moving company, you want to be sure that the person or company you choose is trustworthy and reliable. It can be hard to tell from just a quick online search if movers St Pete are legit or not, but there are some red flags that may help you avoid being scammed by an unreliable mover.

If the cost looks too good to be true, it probably is. Beware of mover prices that seem too low and reasonable because more than likely they will add on extra fees later on in order for their price to even out with other companies’ quotes. You can often get away with paying $50-$100 less if you are flexible about the time frame or day of your move but never pay anything lower than half off of what most reputable movers charge. Also look at how many men the company says they have coming for your job as well as whether there is a physical address listed instead of just a PO box number.

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If they don’t show up for your scheduled pick up time or make you wait around all day until the next morning, this is another red flag that maybe they are not as reputable as you initially thought. Many movers will work in a team and have one person calling about an available date while also comparing prices with other companies at the same time so if they say “We can move you tomorrow between 11am and 12pm but our price starts at $X/hour after that, do you want us?” This is normal protocol because it allows them to see if their quote beats out everyone else’s without wasting too much time on one client. If they are truly interested in you as a customer, then their representative will probably just say “Yes that works for us” without trying to negotiate or change anything around because it could be helpful for them if the next person calls looking for an available date at 11am tomorrow so they can also take advantage of this window.

If there is no clear picture of who your mover actually is/are, beware! This should go along with checking out whether or not there is a physical address listed but even seeing pictures doesn’t necessarily mean these people are really going to show up and get the job done. A lot more than likely someone has taken free stock photos from Google images and used those instead which may not be the best way to weed out scammers but it’s definitely a place to start.

Usually moving companies that are not very reputable do their jobs in teams of two which means there is one person driving and then another who loads up your items into the truck or van. If they tell you that one guy can load an entire house by himself, this should set off red flags immediately because nobody (not even professional movers) can possibly load up an entire home alone without any help whatsoever! You will most likely end up with missing items if this happens so always make sure you see at least three men plus the driver before signing anything or handing over money for payment.