Cinematography Explained Simply

The Absolute Basics

Cinematography is the art of recording moving images on a film or digital medium. It can be used in many different ways, but for our purposes we will focus on how it relates to filmmaking. When you watch a movie, everything that you see is being recorded by someone with a camera. The cinematographer has the responsibility of capturing shots and framing them creatively to tell the story they want to tell about their subject matter. They also have to work closely with other members of the crew like directors, producers, actors and editors because they are all part of making something great together; they’re not just there for themselves! It is really important to pick good movie and TV filming location in order to get the best shots!

How do you know if your cinematographer is any good? That’s easy: ask them what their favorite movie is. If they say anything other than “Citizen Kane” or another film directed by Orson Welles, then you know that your cinematographer isn’t very good at their job.

Movie And Tv Filming Location

That’s all there is to it! Cinematography might seem like a difficult subject because of how complicated the equipment and process can be, but if you really break it down into its most basic elements (which I just did for you right now) then anyone can understand what cinematography actually means without getting overwhelmed. Now go watch some movies already!

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The Cinematographer is in charge of the camera and how it records images. They are also responsible for creating a visual style that compliments the film’s subject matter, so if you have something very serious or dramatic then you will probably want to hire someone who has done this kind of thing before. On the other hand, if your movie is more lighthearted or comedic, perhaps consider hiring an up and coming cinematographer because they might bring some interesting new ideas to your production! Either way make sure that whoever does direct your video knows what they’re doing; otherwise there won’t be any point in having them around at all.