Boiler Buying Guide

Find Out What Types of Water Heaters There Are

One of the necessary devices in every home is a water heater. It is an integral part of every modern household. If you want to buy a new water heater, in this guide you can see what types of water heaters to buy there are.

With the advancement of technology and technique, new types of water heaters have been developed, which may not have been in use when you purchased the water heater. That’s why it’s good to know what all the types are, before you make a final purchase decision.

Accumulation water heaters or stored water heaters work according to the principle of storing hot water in tanks. These boilers generally have large tanks for storing hot water and are therefore ideal for large households. These boilers automatically keep hot water in the tanks, so you can always have access to hot water.

Types Of Water Heaters To Buy

Overflow water heaters, or as they are also called, continuous water heaters, are designed to provide a continuous supply of hot water without storing hot water. The water passes through the heater as it flows through the water heater, which enables instant water heating. Such boilers are suitable for smaller households or for places where quick access to hot water is needed.

Flow water heaters have a similar working system as overflow water heaters, the only thing is that they have a smaller capacity, so they are suitable for kitchens where a smaller amount of hot water is needed.

These are some basic types of water heaters, and if you want to know a lot more, study the guide for types of water heaters to buy, in which you will find out what other types of water heaters there are.